Chef’s featured item: pumpkin crème brûlée

Chef’s featured item: pumpkin crème brûlée

November 13, 2013 ‐ Posted by jeffrey martin ‐ Under: Uncategorized


Jim & I had a wonderful time on a gorgeous, sunny October day at Pumpkinpalooza, courtesy of Rio Grande Community Farm. We met some great people, and as if all that weren’t enough, folks thoroughly enjoyed my pumpkin crème brûlée 🙂

Crème brûlée has always been one of my favorite desserts to make, and now it will be offered for 3 days only on a special menu at Savoy Bar & Grill this weekend (15th-17th).

Why not come and check it out? Besides, if you’ve never been here, this is a great restaurant! Thanks RGCF, and thank-you chef Myles 😉

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