About Chef Jeff


My favorite interest, even as a child, has always been cooking. All credit for this goes to my mom, first and foremost, my grandparents on both sides, and my dear brother, who, while never claiming to be a chef, certainly has the makings of one….

I would simplify things by saying that I’m an accomplished cook, who has worked in a variety of restaurants/hotels/venues for over 10 years. My environment, however, is no longer that of the restaurant world. The private, intimate space has really always felt like home. I love to cook,  and I love to see the reaction of my clients to my work, when I’ve been able to deliver as promised, hopefully exceeding expectations, and REALLY making them smile…. That’s the sign of the perfect gift, wouldn’t you say?

 So what I’d like is for you to invite me in to your home, and allow me to do this for you. I can meet most dietary needs, and the menu you choose will be tailored to your specifications. We have a consultation in your home, during which we’ll discuss your preferences, dietary needs/restrictions, and your overall vision for the event. Taking all of this into account, we’ll agree on a menu, and I will then check out your kitchen, to see what hardware I need to bring. The day of the event, I’ll set myself up in your kitchen for the day, bringing along all the raw materials needed. As a firm supporter of local growers/artisans, using local, organic, seasonal product whenever possible makes all the difference, which is what you’ll taste….